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    Savory Maine Dining and Provisions is happy to present the oil paintings by East Boothbay artist, Cheryl Blaydon, in an exhibit titled Places of the Heart---from the Caribbean to Maine, lovingly infused with remembrances of Italy.

    A native of New York State, Blaydon lived in Florida and the island of St. Croix before coming to Maine. She is a graduate of Mildred Elley Business School in Albany, with years of office work culminating in the fast-paced advertising world of New York City. But the driving force behind her creative nature can be attributed to time studying at the Alizarin Crimson Art School in Florida.

      Cheryl’s art is a love affair with the Maine coast and the sea in general, and her many travels, including years of boating in the Caribbean as well as trips abroad have kept her canvases filled. They especially highlight her Italian sensibilities that coordinate with her first novel, The Memory Keepers, a fictional memoir, and are a featured part of this exhibit. The cover of her second novel, Island Odyssey, due out soon, showcases one of her Caribbean paintings to be seen here as well. While the seas vary greatly, the bold beauty, movement and smell of salt air that were insinuated into Cheryl’s imagination, along with lessons learned under the tutelage of artist Don Stone on Monhegan Island many years ago, still remain a constant and bring new life to her work to this day.

      Cheryl says, “It is important to me to convey the light and color of my memories of the sea and to infuse them with as much atmospheric sense as I can in order to give the viewer the feelings I had while creating them. While painting my Italian scenes, usually honed in my studio, I remember always the earthy colors, the olive groves and vineyards, and in particular, the ambrosial scents from wonderful dishes being prepared in the kitchens that open onto and reach across the village squares.”

      Blaydon is past president of the Boothbay Region Art Foundation and exhibits in regional shows throughout Maine. Her work can also be seen year-round at Fore Street Gallery, Portland and Boothbay Harbor Framers’ Gallery. Her website is

      This exhibit is in Savory Maine’s main dining room from August 20 to October 2.  

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