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    Savory Maine Dining and Provisions is happy to present portraiture by Jeffrey Burke of Isle Au Haut from October 2 through November 12.

    Accompanying each work in this exhibit is a brief commentary about the often-strange circumstances that gave rise to the painting. These tidbits of gossipy background (strongly poignant, frequently funny, sometimes heart-wrenching) make Jeff’s rich chiaroscuro oils spring to life for the viewer, as if you’ve discovered the inside scoop.

    Fishermen, café workers, summer people and the folks he crosses paths with during his winter travels are the expected sitters for Jeff’s portraits, but lots of other folks have found their way to his studio at the lighthouse on Isle Au Haut. We meet a Cherokee medicine woman, a dog whisperer, a steel worker, a Navajo princess, a twelve-stepper, and a mystic who channels with departed souls, among others. Primarily a commission painter, Jeff also recruits models to sit for him during slack periods, which is pretty much most of the time.

    With his wife Judith and their three children Jeff moved from California to Pemaquid in 1982 and opened the Little River Inn, one of the first new-era bed and breakfast inns in Maine. They thought they were established in Lincoln County forever, but five years later the lighthouse station on Isle Au Haut somehow magically fell from the sky into their laps, and soon after they opened what became the renowned Keepers House Inn. In the process, enchanted by the visual mystery of the travelers who found their way to the lighthouse and the friends they made on the island, Jeff took up oil painting, compelled from the beginning to render these souls in oil. Taking to heart the painter’s old adage, “paint what you see”, Jeffrey received his training by sitting in cheap cafes and staring at strangers.

    Oh, by the way, if you plan on coming to Savory Maine for lunch or dinner, pay careful attention to where you sit: a table too close to one of Jeff’s more intense works could affect the behavior of your gnocchi, or steer your dinner conversation in an unexpected direction, or send you into a spiritual tizzy, or make you fall in love.

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    24th - Simons and Goodwin
    29th - Peter Alexander
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