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  • The new iconic paintings of

    Hannah Ineson

    will be on exhibit from Tuesday June 11 to July 23.

    An opening reception will be held on Friday, June 21 from 3-5 PM. Savory Maine Dining and Provisions in Damariscotta, is pleased to exhibit the paintings of Damariscotta artist Hannah Ineson.

    Hannah Ineson returns to Savory Maine Dining and Provisions this summer with many new works featuring iconic images of Maine.

    She works primarily in oil and watercolor, and is adventurous in exploring different styles and subject matter. Ineson’s work is known for its color and exploits her natural talent for drawing. Known as a representational painter, she is, however, primarily interested in painting as a personal process independent of the subject matter itself.

    Ineson states: “The process of painting itself, as an expression of one’s own experience and response to nature, is what interests most modern artists. This expressionist approach is, however, fairly recent in the history of art. Impressionist painters, the first to adopt this artistic view, caused a scandal only a little over a century ago!

    ‘The modern understanding of art as an expression of individual experience influences even fairly representational artists. Andrew Wyeth, known for his “realism,” once declared himself to be an “abstract” painter! He was referring to his chief concern with the internal composition itself, the relationship of elements to each other, rather than nature, and the expression of a strong underlying emotion not inherent in the subject except as it related to his own experience.

    ‘I enjoy exploring different ways of painting both still life and landscape without concern for continuity - although, like Wyeth, I prefer to choose familiar subject matter that elicits emotion from me and hopefully from the viewer as well.”

    Ineson’s paintings range from detailed watercolors that depend on her drawing skills to impressionistic oils featuring loose work done with a palette knife. Likewise, she employs full use of color in many paintings, yet also enjoys the subtle effect of value contrasts within more monochromatic compositions.

    Known also as a watercolor instructor, she has taught in Mexico and Florida as well as Maine, and enjoys the challenge of helping students develop their own artistic “language” rather than simply copying someone else’s style. She believes that creative expression is not only one of life’s great pleasures, it is a human instinct that everyone can experience, regardless of native skill, given proper encouragement.

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  • Enjoy great food, art and music at Savory Maine!!!!

  • There will be regular musical entertainment on Thursday and Saturday nights!!!!!
  • Savory Maine Music Series:

    June 1 Hurry Down Sunshine
    June 6 Giff Jamison & Nancy Sferra
    June 8 Rusty Hinges
    June 13 Ben Hunsberger
    June 15 Peter Alexander
    June 20 Heather Hardy & Nancy Sferra
    June 22 Andrew Thomas
    June 27 Brian Patricks
    June 29 Laurel Moran & Kathleen O'Connor
  • Come for bowl of soup, dessert or a beer or enjoy a full dinner.

    • Special Order Gluten-Free Desserts or Rolls. You can also order whole Quiches
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