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    CSA: Community Supporting Arts / CSA: Community Supported Agriculture
    KVAA: Kennebec Valley Art Association / KLFI: Kennebec Local Food Initiative

    present the farm artwork of 9 Maine artists:*
    Kate Barnes – Susan Bickford - Tyler Gulden
    Kris Engman – Petrea Noyes - Kelsey Kobik
    Kim Christensen – Jamie Ribisi-Braley – Maina Handmaker
    *and their expressions of 8 Maine CSA farms:
    Crescent Run Farm – Dig Deep Farm – Goranson Farm
    Grassland Organic Farm – Milkweed Farm – Morning Dew Farm
    Treble Ridge Farm – Wholesome Holmstead
    On exhibit November 13 thru February 5, 2013 at Savory Maine
    About CSA The Kennebec Valley Art Association and the Kennebec Local Foods Initiative partnered 14 Maine artists with 13 CSA farmers in central Maine and asked them to get to know each other well over the course of the 2012 growing season. The artists created art inspired by their farmers’ lives, work, landscapes, challenges and ideals. The exhibitions, held in many venues including Savory Maine, is meant in part to help spread awareness about local CSA farms as they begin recruiting new members for 2013.

    CSA: Community Supporting Arts is a project of the Kennebec Valley Art Association in partnership with the Kennebec Local Food Initiative.  The Kennebec Valley Art Association is a 501(c)3 membership based arts organization, which has owned and operated the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell since 1963.   The Kennebec Local Food Initiative is an organization based in Gardiner, Maine that strives to strengthen community food security through access, education, information and advocacy. CSA: Community Supporting Arts has been made possible by grant funding from the Maine Community Foundation and from the Davis Family Foundation.

    Maine’s artist and farming communities are vibrant, idealistic groups, both key to our state’s unique sense of place, and the Kennebec Valley Art Association (KVAA) believes that artists can use the power of their artistic voices to effect social change. Our partnering farmers are all operating CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms in and around central Maine.  In joining a CSA, folks make a financial commitment to their farm by investing in a share of the produce at the beginning of the growing season. In return farmers are committed to producing the freshest, most flavorful, high quality food possible for their members (most CSA farms adhere to organic standards as much as possible).  Typically each CSA member gets a weekly delivery of produce from early summer through harvest. Community Supported Agriculture is a grassroots response to the growing social and environmental problems of our modern industrial food system, and this local foods movement is transforming relationships between people, food and farms.  According to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association website, Maine’s CSA community includes over 160 farms with more than 6,500 families investing in their local farms through the purchase of shares.

  • Enjoy great food, art and music at Savory Maine!!!!

  • Savory Maine November Music Seriesli>
  • November:
    1st - Peter Alexander
    3rd - Kathi Nordone
    8th - Married with Chitlins (Liz/Chris Lannon)
    10th - Aaron Nadeau
    15th - Nancy Sferra/Giff Jamison
    17th - Heather Hardy/Nancy Sferra
    24th - Simons and Goodwin
    29th - Peter Alexander
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