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    Damariscotta's Savory Maine Dining and Provisions is pleased to exhibit the landscape paintings of local artist Hannah Ineson from July 10 – August 21.

    Ineson teaches painting in Maine in the summer and in Florida in the winter. While the subject matter that dominates her paintings is the landscape of coastal Maine and the wilderness of the Florida Everglades, her paintings are more an artist’s response than just a desire to simply record data.

    Hannah states, “Of course, I’m hopeful that viewers will be moved to appreciate and preserve the fragile environments they see in the paintings. However, the very process of forging a creative piece is what compels me most – in the case of painting, the spontaneous or intentional merging of pigment into value, color, and texture to create a unique composition that began as a celebration of the natural world. The resulting images reflect the inner and outer journeys that any artist must undertake in ‘making art.’ The artistic goal is achieved when the painting rises above such questions as who, what, and where. “

    Ineson has worked in pastel, printmaking, watercolor, oil, and, most recently, in clay: “Over the past year, experimenting with works in clay has brought home the importance of the creative process, literally hands on! This has led to new avenues to explore, particularly in oil painting, with landscape once again as subject, but at the same time pushing away geographical identity and limitations.”

    Wolf Kahn is one artist who inspires Hannah. She quotes Kahn: “Through our investigation of landscape we can express our sense of the connectedness of things, where we stand in relation to them…People mistakenly think that art is about nature, or about an artist’s feelings about nature. It is instead a path to enlightenment and pleasure, one of many paths, where nature and the artist’s feelings are merely raw materials.” (Wolf Kahn, B.R. Kornblatt Gallery Exhibition catalog, 1990.)

    Ineson has taught watercolor for Elderhostel in Mexico and has been an artist in residence at the Big Cypress Preserve, Everglades National Park. She will have a solo show in 2013 at the Marco Island Historical Museum Gallery. Her Carriage House studio/gallery here is on High Street in Damariscotta, and she is a member of the Pemaquid Gallery in Lighthouse Park.

    Seeing a group of paintings that spans decades in an artist’s life is always revealing. The collection at Savory Maine includes several series of paintings in both watercolor and oil that represent different stages in Ineson’s creative life.

    The Ineson exhibit is in Savory Maine’s main dining room. An opening reception for Hannah will be held on Thursday, July 19 from 3-5. Savory Maine will provide delectable finger food. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.


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